Bohemian Pantheon

Time out

The Latin Quarter. Steeped in a tradition of erudition and culture. A place where points of view and opinions gladly converge or diverge. In the path of the Collège des Bernardins, just a stone’s throw from the Sorbonne, the Pantheon and the Arab World Institute, the new Hotel Pilgrim is completely at home in this part of Paris, where the Old dialogues with the New. Stating its case, the hotel displays an assertively brutalist style to create an artistically contemporary haven with mellow vintage touches. 

Raw style

Right in the centre of the 5th arrondissement, in the heart of Paris’s Left Bank, Hotel Pilgrim features a glass and concrete façade, which interacts with the surrounding Haussmannian buildings. You need only enter the lobby to discover that, above and beyond appearances, distinction prevails. Welcome to a place where the joyous vitality of the 70s reigns supreme, where the ultimate in sleek design, select furniture and works of art strike a perfect chord, both together and individually in exquisitely enlightened fashion. 

Top of the world

The mood is resolutely bohemian, with delightfully cosy nooks and crannies, and a magnificent rooftop that looks out onto the Paris skyline. The spa and inviting adjacent pool are synonymous with leisure. Hotel Pilgrim is the address that offers guests a true pied à terre, where they can take their minds off everyday concerns. It is here that those with a passion for an outward-looking, avid and sunny art of living will feel at home. 

Rooms & Suites

Bright nights

Warmth and light 

Hotel Pilgrim’s 53 rooms and suites on six floors afford a truly luminous experience, thanks to their wide bay-style windows. This feeling of vastness is an ideal incentive for romantic breaks away, as a couple or for family stays. The subtle colour schemes, soft-to-the touch fabrics and highly select works of art create a warm, inviting atmosphere throughout. Seven types of accommodation are available, ranging from rooms with a cocoon-like feel to suites with a terrace, all of which give luminosity and airiness pride of place. 


  • 14m²
  • 2 people
  • Queen-size bed
  • Shower
  • 17m²
  • 2 people
  • King size bed (twinable)
  • Shower
  • 22m²
  • 2 people
  • Queen-size bed
  • Shower
  • 22m²
  • 2 people
  • Queen-size bed
  • Shower
  • Terrace
  •  39m²
  •  4 people
  •  King size bed (twinable) + Queen size bed
  •  2 showers
  • 26m²
  • 3 or 4 people
  • Queen-size bed + armchair/sofa-bed
  •  Shower + bathtub
  • 44m²
  • 4 people
  •  XL king-size bed + sofa-bed
  • Double shower
  • Terrace

Bar & Rooftop

Fifth… Heaven

High profiles  

Whether you’re staying put, just passing through, going away coming back or meeting up, Hotel Pilgrim makes its mark as a destination in its own right, both as a go-to address and a local haunt. Its many features include a lounge bar serving innovative cocktails concocted by mixologist Alceste Siobhan Von Holz. What’s more, the seventh-floor rooftop affords breath-taking panoramic views of the sky and rooftops of Paris. 



Private Functions

The joys of sharing

The main event

At Hotel Pilgrim, meetings, celebrations and presentations have superb surprises in store, to be shared among those in the know. With its terrace secluded from the street and rooftop that boasts stunning views of the city, not only are Hotel Pilgrim’s private-function areas off the beaten track, but they also create a setting that is entirely conducive to conviviality. Even the most intensive of seminars will provide a refreshing change.




Art of relaxation

Perfectly taught

The inspired eclecticism and nomadic feel of the place in no way detract from the unanimously high level of service provided by a team whose watchword is a thorough commitment to detail. This ranges from breakfasts catering to your every need, to summer or winter evenings spent in the bar; from the spa’s extensive cosmopolitan range of treatments (using L:a Bruket products), to the concierge service that will whet your appetite for an extensive choice of excursions and activities. The well-thought-out, relaxed feel of the place means that you have full rein to do as you please throughout your stay here, in laid-back comfort.


Spa & Wellness

Body care

Secret treasures

Although the Latin Quarter is known for its vibrant intellectual life, there is one place that offers outstanding peace and quiet. The Hotel Pilgrim Spa is a discovery in itself and offers the full complement of wellness routines, with a pool, steam bath, fitness room and treatment and massage cabins. Not only will you marvel at the Hotel Pilgrim Spa’s atypical graphic décor, but you will also instantly succumb to the relaxing feeling that it inspires.



Offers & Packages

Advantages and adventures

Custom travel 

… And the right occasion. Hotel Pilgrim has devised a range of special offers and packages devoted entirely to adventures that you will cherish. These include celebrating a birthday, whispering ‘I love you’, or quite simply an impromptu wellness trip to Paris. Every good idea deserves tailormade hospitality and special rates.

The Nomad

As an element of chance is what defines travel at its very best, plans sometimes also need to be changed. To take this into account, you can cancel your booking free of charge up to 48 hours before your scheduled arrival. 

The Impromptu

As it’s important to be able to change your mind, and because it’s also tempting to discuss changing your plans over the breakfast buffet, being able to alter your booking up to 48 hours before you’re due to arrive is a natural, timely option for guests whose plans are perhaps subject to last-minute changes.

The Heart to Heart

As Paris is the city of lovers, the Left Bank is its beating heart. Accordingly, we also have a special offer that embraces a touch of romance, with champagne, pastries by Tartelette and rose petals to welcome you to your room in a lovingly arranged setting.

The Effervescent

As it is Hotel Pilgrim’s duty to be unique day after day, celebrating a birthday is a truly sumptuous affair: champagne, pastries, balloons and tinsel decorations await you in your room with this special offer that will makes the occasion even more joyful.

Aside by side 

As broadening the mind and pampering the body are the perfect combination, this is a truly outstanding experience with access to the Hotel Pilgrim spa and special treatments. This special offer also includes two detox juices to quench your thirst for wellness.


As there’s nothing quite like the intoxicating feeling of shared delights, this offer invites your to the bar, by the fireside or outside on the terrace, thoughtfully accompanied by a choice of two cocktails and savoury snacks by Tartelettes

Tasteful goodies

It’s always great to take home lots of happy memories with you, but it’s even better to pack a little something of the Pilgrim in your bags. A range of products, including fans, tote-bags and flower seeds, will make all the difference in keeping the experience alive. 


Local Area

Paris, Left Bank

Where it’s all happening

You don’t need to be an accomplished Latin scholar to appreciate the historical, erudite feel of Paris’s Latin Quarter. Within easy reach of the Hotel Pilgrim, you can embark on your very own quintessential pilgrimage to the Pantheon, take inspiring strolls along the banks of the Seine, happen upon small squares and the labyrinthine side streets, then cross over to Île Saint-Louis, which is just a short, captivating walk away. Besides the studenty and studious feel of the 5th arrondissement, the area is also extremely lively and a hive of good living, as illustrated by the plethora of lively terraces and buzzing bistros serving gourmet fare. 
Hotel Pilgrim is a go-to destination, situated in the heart of legendary Paris, yet very much rooted in today’s world and originality. 


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