For the planet

Hotel Pilgrim is, by definition, moving in the right direction: sustainable development, respectful of the environment and people.
To ensure that the hotel’s level of comfort is compliant with responsible standards, the entire hotel team is committed to environmental ethics. It is vital that every aspect of their work is guided by a virtuous approach. 
In real terms, reducing the ecological footprint and implementing an approach towards more sustainable hospitality are an integral part of everyday life at Hotel Pilgrim.

Reducing energy consumption

Climate change means using energy wisely. For example, Hotel Pilgrim sets the heating and air conditioning systems to a temperature range of 19°C to 24°C, thereby optimising their energy efficiency.

Optimising water consumption

Just a few steps from the Seine, as elsewhere, water is a treasure that we have to conserve. Using this resource responsibly means that bed linen is changed by request only. This saves thousands of litres of water annually, thereby helping to protect the planet.

Waste sorting

Behind the scenes at the Hotel Pilgrim, waste is sorted with the utmost care, in order to optimise subsequent recycling. This virtuous cycle relies on collective responsibility: in addition to the hotel staff’s unwavering commitment, guests naturally also play a part by using the waste-sorting bins provided in the rooms and public areas. 

Priority to sustainable supplies

The Hotel Pilgrim team and partners share the same vision: developing local supply networks. In order to both reduce the carbon footprint and sustain the local economic fabric, Hotel Pilgrim gives priority to choosing suppliers that are closest to the city and region. Each one is selected on the basis of its compliance with sustainable practices, as preserving biodiversity and ethical dynamics positively go hand in hand.

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